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X Factor Games Incite EIGHT Complaints


26 Aug 2017

Each and every week we visit the website of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to see which, if any, gambling companies have come under scrutiny recently.

More often than not, at least one has overstepped the mark on one BCAP or CAP code or another and incited a complaint.

These complaints have usually been made by just one person, on occasions two, but for the X Factor Games it was EIGHT complaints about two radio adverts that meant an investigation by the ASA.

Radio Ad For X Factor Games

Both ads were heard in May 2017. The first of these on the breakfast show of Wave105 and then again at about 3pm on 6th May. The second was on 8th May during the Absolute 80s breakfast show.

The eight complaints question whether the ad was irresponsible because they held appeal to people under the age of 18 and asked if the ads were scheduled appropriately because of the times they aired as children may have been listening.

The Response

We were interested in reading the response from Bauer Consumer Media, the company who own the two radio stations on which the adverts were aired.

In their response they quoted the percentage of listeners over the age of 18 and listening between 6am and 10am on Wave 105 as being 89%, between 3pm and 7pm the percentage was higher at 89%.

At Absolute 80s, 96% were over 18 during 6am and 10am.

Bear Group Ltd also responded by saying that they had taken this into consideration and scheduled the ads at times when at least 75% of the audience were over the age of 18.

Additionally, Radiocentre said that the X Factor appeals to a wide range of people rather than just under 18s.

X Factor Games ASA Ruling

As we expected, the ASA did not upheld either of the parts of the complaint and stated that where they investigated under BCAP 17.4.5 (as shown below), the adverts did not hold more appeal to under 18s then they did over 18s.

When they investigated under BCAP 32.2.2, they also found that X Factor Games did not breach this either.

You can read the full ASA ruling for X Factor Games here.

Common sense prevails and the eight complainants need to find something more interesting and less time consuming to do with their time.

Although, that said, the complaints have resulted in a number of gambling portals like ours bring the name X Factor Games to reader that may not have previously heard of the casino – free advertising!