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Witch’s Riches Giveaway at 32Red Casino

Play at 32Red Casino for the second half of this month and you could get your name on the Daily leaderboard and Grand Prize leaderboard to win up to £3,000!


25 Oct 2017

Halloween is just around the corner now and if you need some help getting in the mood we have just the ticket from 32Red Casino. Between now and 31st October you could pick up daily bonuses, compete on the leaderboard and race to the finish for your chance to win up to £3,000!

Opt in if you Dare

If you’d like to take part in this spooktacular giveaway then you’ll need to opt in at 32Red Casino right now. Then, play your favourite games, stir the cauldron and mix yourself up a bubbling bonus! You must opt in, if you forget then your play won’t count.

Play Games for Daily and Grand Prizes

Once you’ve opted in, log on daily between now and 31st October to race your way up the leaderboard. Just play any of your favourite games and you’ll race up the leaderboards for your chance at the bonus. Every day there’s a brand new leaderboard, and if you top that you could win daily prizes, or up to £3,000 if you can race the other places to the final finish.

The Daily Witch’s Riches offers daily prizes, so even if you don’t win the overall prize, you could pick up some bonuses every single day. But if you can stir a winning leaderboard on the overall Witch’s Riches, you’ll pick up the grand prize.

The game isn’t restricted to Halloween games, you can play whatever you like but there are many themed slots at 32Red Casino if you want to ensure you get in a spooky mood for the Witch’s Riches leaderboard.

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