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William Hill App Given A Five Star Rating


4 Nov 2017

On Wednesday 1st November a visit to the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) page revealed that there had been one complaint about an advert for the William Hill app.

The one complainant took issue with the advert claiming that the Daily Record had awarded the William Hill app with a five star rating. They challenged if this claim was genuine as the Daily Record had never published a review of the app in question.

William Hill App Ad

Here’s the ad that caused the controversy, if you haven’t already seen it just click the image below to view:

As you can see, towards the end of the advert, there are five, five star ratings shown on screen. These are from Unilad, Daily Record, Joe, The Sun and Football Daily.

Did the complainant check all reviews? We did a quick Google search and couldn’t find any of the reviews online so could it be that this was a complaint from a competitor rather than an actual punter?

Five Star Rating For William Hill App

William Hill responded to the complaint by providing the ASA with details of the five star rating that the app received from Daily Record. Whilst it was not published in the actual newspaper, permission was sought to use the rating on any advertising medium.

A copy of the email from the Daily Record given said permission was provided, as it had been previously to Clearcast before they had approved the ad for airing.

For this reason, the complaint was not upheld. The ASA believed that the evidence provided was enough to demonstrate that the review was impartial and permission had been given to use the rating in advertising. This meant that the ad was therefore not considered to be misleading.

It was investigated under the following three BCAP codes and was found not to be in breach:

William Hill - BCAP Codes - Ruling 01 Nov 2017

You can read the original adjudication by the ASA here.