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Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Slot From IGT


2 Aug 2016

When it comes to old favourites having an upgrade, the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot from IGT is definitely one that ticks all the boxes.

Launched on 28th July, the game is one of a long line of variations of the original Wheel of Fortune. However, this version incorporates the Level Up Plus feature meaning the winning potential is pretty impressive.

We headed to bgo Casino to spin the reels.

Features Of The Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Slot

The game itself features a Winnebago and when this rolls across your screen at random times, the wild Wheel of Fortune appears on several of the paylines. If it reverses back across the screen, even more wilds appear.

The Winnebago is also the bonus symbol for this game and its ‘powers’ are two fold.

Level Up Plus

Every time a Winnebago bonus symbol appears on the reels, fuel is added to the meter in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. For every 10 you collect, one fuel can is added when the bonus is triggered. The Wheelmobile then moves one space along the map in the bonus round.

Bonus Round

Three Winnebago’s on the reels and the bonus round is activated. Your Wheelmobile will move along the map for the number of fuel cans that you have collected.

Once it has come to rest you can spin the Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour - Game In Play

The Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Map

On the Wheel Of Fortune Tour Map there are additional bonuses to be unlocked along your journey and as you unlock them, they are added to the Bonus Wheel.

Level 2 – 5 Miles – Free Play Free Spins

Three free play spins are given but there are extra bonuses.

On the first spin, all of one symbol are transformed to wilds. In the second an additional symbol is added and transformed to wilds. In the third, another symbol is added and made wild.

Level 3 – 13 Miles – Expanded Top Award

This is self-explanatory, the top prize wedge of 10,000 on the Wheel Of Fortune Bonus wheel is now three wedges wide.

Level 4 – 25 Miles – Letter Board Picker

You get to pick three letters from the Wheel of Fortune bonus wheel and they will reveal values between 50 and 500. Some may also have +1 pick or multipliers.

Level 5 – 45 Miles – Multiplier Wedge

A multiplier wedge is added to the Wheel of Fortune bonus wheel and if you land on it, a multiplier is revealed along with the wedge value.

Level 6 – 80 Miles – Spin To Win Bonus

At the start of this bonus you have to choose one letter to reveal the top award. This will be between 1,500 and 20,000.

Spin the wheel and choose to accept or reject the value shown. If you reject it, the wedge is replaced with a 50 value wedge and if this is awarded, the bonus ends.

Level 7 – 150 Miles – Bonus Trigger Boost

This will randomly trigger a special feature that will start the bonus round with just one bonus symbol on the paylines.

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour Slot Summary

It’s a great game which many different bells and whistles in the bonus rounds which creates great playability.

Additionally, all these extras increase your winning potential too. It’s certainly a game we would recommend.