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Wayne Rooney Signs Deal with 32Red


14 Aug 2019

Wayne Rooney is coming back to UK football with a deal with Derby County and it’s not the only deal he’s signed! Rooney will be joining the championship side in January and when he does so he’ll be wearing number 32 on his shirt as part of a deal with 32Red gambling firm.

Record-Breaking Deal

Derby County, or the Rams as they are affectionately known, have been completely transparent about the deal, calling it a record-breaking sponsorship deal with the online gambling firm, and as Rooney is their most high-profile player, it’s him who will be wearing the brand’s number on his shirt.

Rooney joins the Rams in January and when he runs out at Pride Park he’ll be wearing the number 32. At a press conference this week he said the shirt was no big deal, and Derby owner, Morris said it was a great deal for the Rams, but critics disagree!

Debate about Sports and Gambling

The debate about links between sports and gambling has been rumbling for a while, with many criticising it and stating that it’s a way to normalise gambling, especially among younger spectators. As such, this move by Derby County and 32Red has sparked a huge debate and criticism from many quarters.

The Church of England has spoken out about the deal, calling it irresponsible and football finance expert Dr Dan Plumley states that the game’s reliance on gambling firms as sponsors is a big issue for the game. Many people are talking about the ethics of the move, and criticism has been widespread.

In a statement the UK Gambling Commission states that sponsorship arrangements must be undertaken in a responsible manner, and that deals should not be of particular appeal to under 18s.

One this is for sure, all of this extra publicity will be no harm to 32Red who in a week have become a household name thanks to all the press coverage.