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Is Virtual Reality the next Big Thing for Online Casinos

With game developers such as IGT and NetEnt working on Virtual Reality games it looks like this new technology is about to take the online casino world by storm.


25 May 2018

We’ve already seen VR games launched in Vegas and people can now enjoy a virtual reality experience in the actual casino. Now we hear that several game developers are working on virtual reality games for online customers, as the technology moves on, are we about to see a VR revolution for online casinos?

Technological advances

When online casinos first launched it was a revolution for the industry, games you could download to your PC, connect to the casino server and play online, from the comfort of your own living room. A few short years later and smartphone technology has raced the industry into the future as we all carry a mini computer around with us. VR technology has already come to the smartphone in the form of games and experiences, but online casinos haven’t cashed in on this yet.

The Future

A few months ago we brought you the news that HTC had partnered with IGT bringing ‘virtual zones’ to casinos around the world, and now it’s rumoured that IGT is working on Live Dealers and VR slots to play from home too.

It’s also reported that NetEnt are on the bandwagon, they’ve already developed Gonzo’s Quest, coming to an online casino near you this summer, the developer’s first VR online slot game is promising to be exciting and this is just the start.

Expect new gambling experiences coming soon, and it won’t be just slots either. We’ve already seen live dealers come to online casinos, just imagine that combined with VR technology. Since online gambling first hit our clunky old desktop machines, we’ve been telling you that you can bring the casino into your living room, and that experience gets more and more immersive with every new bit of technology!