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UK Gambling Adverts Could Face Daytime Ban


20 Oct 2016

It’s been announced that gambling adverts on daytime television and social media could be banned in the UK over concerns about their influence on children.

The move would help to protect young adults who have developed gambling problems.

New Guidelines For Gambling Adverts

Although the new guidelines have not yet been put into play, it is thought that Gambling Commission figures do denote that young adults are the most likely to have problems with gambling.

Under current guidelines all gambling adverts are permitted before the 9pm watershed, but it is looking increasingly like this is about to change.

In addition to this, many gambling firms secure sponsorship football deals and having the name on the shirt allows them to advertise to young fans any time they are watching sport.

The talk sounds very much like the discussion we heard before the cigarette advertising ban was introduced. It was once that every football shirt and hoarding had a brand of cigarettes on it, in the same way that many gambling firms advertise now, but this could be relegated to the past in the same way that cigarette advertising has been.

Any changes would also affect social media adverts, as well as on screen advertising during matches.

Problem Gambling Figures

According to the UK Gambling Commission problem gambling among the underage isn’t high, but those who have come of age are the highest set for those likely to have problems with gambling.

It could of course be that these people were influenced before they were at the age to play due to the normalising of gambling with daytime adverts.

Although any changes are likely to be strongly opposed by broadcasters and the betting industry, there is no denying that the biggest problem group for gamblers is 18-24 year olds, a figure that the government promised to tackle and bring down.