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UK Casinos Winning More in 2012


6 Dec 2012

The latest figures from the Gambling Commission show a slight increase in the percentage of wagers retained by UK casinos.

In its latest ‘Drop and Win’ summary report – which tracks the amount of money converted into chips (the ‘drop’) and the amount retained by casinos as losing wagers (the ‘win’) – the Commission cites a nationwide average house win of 13.2% in the year to September 2012.

This compares with a marginally lower 13.1% in the previous year, but with the total ‘drop’ up from £5.2 billion to £6 billion in the same period, that equates to an extra £106,481,207 in casinos’ earnings.
Scotland has the largest proportional house win rate at 16.3%, up by almost one full percentage point since September 2011.

Meanwhile, casinos in the high-end London market return the highest proportion of stakes to their players, retaining just 9.1% of wagers – down slightly year-on-year.

The high-end London market constituted just six of the 144 casinos in operation in the UK during September 2012.

This figure remained unchanged since the previous year, as did the number of casinos open in Scotland (16).

More casinos were in operation in 2012 than in 2011 in the North (42 vs. 41), and in the non-high-end London market (19 vs. 17).

Meanwhile, fewer casinos were in operation in the Midlands and Wales (34 vs. 37), the South (27 vs. 29), the Provinces as a whole (119 vs. 123) and the overall Great Britain total (144 vs. 146).