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Times Are Changing for Northern Irish Gambling


16 Jan 2013

The Northern Irish government has recently announced a set of changes to its gambling legislation.

This change has come as supporters of the industry have described their current laws as draconian.

The legislative changes include banning under 18s from gambling on machines anywhere in the country. They are also changing the law to make all bets placed within a bookmaker’s or betting premises count as legally binding contracts.

The government is standing strong on other elements, especially when it comes to casinos. Casinos will not be legal if setup within the borders of the country and gaming sites are still not allowed to open on Sundays.

The Social Development Minister of Northern Ireland, Nelson McCausland, told the press that his main priority is to minimise the potentially harmful consequences of gambling. These changes to the law are designed to promoting fairness within the industry whilst still protecting the young and potentially vulnerable.

The laws still sit outside what’s considered to be the norm in other areas of the United Kingdom, but this is step forward towards more modern allowances in line with the rest of the state. Supporters of the gambling industry in Northern Ireland still believe their laws to be unfair and out of date but perhaps this is just the first step towards a bigger change in the long term.