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The Ice Chanty Challenge At Intercasino

From 5th January 2016, Intercasino wants you to 'Go Fish' for bonuses and prizes in their Ice Shanty Challenge. Fish your way to a 5K bounty!


2 Jan 2016

The New Year is here and with the start of 2016 comes a whole plethora of new promotions from a selection on online casinos.

Today we look at the Ice Chanty Challenge at Intercasino that gets underway on Tuesday 5th January, the prizes and of course, how you can get your hands on them.

In this promotion from Intercasino it’s about taking a daily bonus challenge and staking your claim to being the winner of the 5K weekly Ice Pro title.

Delve In The Winter Bonus Lake At Intercasino

Each week there is a different task to be performed on the Winter Bonus Lake.

Week 1 – Novice Fisher

From 5th until 11th January it is about drilling your hole, a hole that has to be big enough for landing daily multi-bonuses and your chance to share in the 5K of the week.

Collect the most fish and you will be competing for prizes as well as moving up the ranks

Week 2 – Skilled Fisher

From 12th until 18th January you need to build your shanty so you can stay warm in the virtual frozen wilderness at Intercasino.

The challenges are set to get harder but the bonuses will be bigger.

Week 3 – Elite Fisher

From 19th until 25th January you need to compete harder and be wearing more layers as you cook the catch and get ready to claim more bonuses in preparation for the last week of the promotion.

Week 4 – Pro Fisher

This is where you could win the Ice Shanty Challenge and get your hands on the biggest and best bonuses.

Intercasino Promo T&C’s

All of the above sounds great but actually, little is really known of the rewards on offer!

All we know is that a daily bonus will be available and winners of bonus prizes will be decided by way of a raffle.

Good Luck if you choose to participate.