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The Dark Knight Slot’s First Major Jackpot


5 Dec 2012

The Dark Knight has paid out 5.4 million Kroner – almost £600,000 – to one lucky Norwegian player, Microgaming have announced.

Progressive wins are paid out in the player’s local currency – therefore a displayed jackpot of 5,400,000 would have been paid in pounds sterling in the UK, or in euros in continental Europe.

However, the lucky punter is not complaining, and says he would have still had a good Christmas if his payout had been one thousandth of its actual size.

When he realised he had won, the unnamed 35-year-old revealed that he glanced at the total and thought it said around 5,000 Kroner.

But he watched as it grew to over five million – and then called the customer services team at Unibet, the online casino where he was playing, to confirm the amount.

The win takes Microgaming’s network of progressive jackpots to about €320 million in total payouts, equivalent to about £260 million at current exchange rates.

Playing on Micrograming’s platform has one more advantage for the lucky winner, which could make this Christmas a particularly luxurious one for him, his girlfriend and their families.

That’s because, unlike any other big-jackpot platform, Microgaming releases the full amount of a prize win in one payment, rather than staggering it – meaning the winner already has the full 5.4 million Kroner in his account.