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The Biggest Gaming Company in the World Keeps Growing


20 Mar 2013

Last week bwin.party released their results for 2012 which showed that while the company continues to grow profits have taken a hit.

The company is already the biggest listed online gaming company in the world and their actual revenue increased by 16%, which led to the total dividend rising by 10% to 3.44p per share. However, earnings in 2012 fell by 17% which, despite a 33% growth over the last 3 months, led to a shares drop of 6.7% on Friday when the report was published.

It was only in 2011 that they finalised their merger, bringing PartyGaming and Bwin Interactive Entertainment together. In 2012 they concentrated on integration, which included creating a technology platform which could support both the current and the anticipated future revenue streams, which the company would produce. This would be across multiple jurisdictions, products and labels.

In 2013 the company plans to innovate and expand using social media and mobile channels, as well as updating their products. Following new legislation recently passed by New Jersey, they are looking to expand into the US and have also said that they will rely less on smaller, unregulated markets. Revenues in 2013 are expected to be in the region of 815 million euros.

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