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The online casino industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, with new brands, games and products coming to market all the time. Our in-house team of journalists have their finger on the pulse to keep you up to speed and in the loop. Read their posts and stories here.

New Casino.com Advert Launched

When it comes to a domain for an online casino, you can’t really do better than Casino.com. Sadly, whilst the brand has done really well with it’s domain, the same...

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UK Gambling Adverts Could Face Daytime Ban

It’s been announced that gambling adverts on daytime television and social media could be banned in the UK over concerns about their influence on children. The move would help to...

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Louie Spence Fronts Spin Genie

In May 2015 Spin Genie came under scrutiny by the ASA following one complaint about their television marketing campaign featuring Spin the dog. The complainant, and then the Advertising Standards...

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ASA Receive 12 Complaints About Paddy Power Ads

When it comes to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the complaints received about gambling adverts, usually it’s only one that has triggered an investigation. This is not the case for...

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ComeOn Casino ‘Literal’ Advertising

The ComeOn Casino advert has a unique way of selling their brand to the viewers with a literal translation of what they have to offer you.

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