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Swiss Referendum Set to Legalise Online Gambling

Switzerland is set to legalise online gambling after a referendum result showed 72% of Swiss residents supported the move so long as it was highly regulated and only available to Swiss Casinos.


13 Jun 2018

Switzerland has held a public referendum into online gambling and the results look promising for operators as it seems that seventy-two percent of the public has backed the idea and voted in favour of online casinos.

Tight Control

Unlike other countries in the world, casino operations in Switzerland would be tightly controlled and highly regulated and despite the yes vote it looks like its unlikely to open up the casino market to overseas casino brands. This is because the Swiss government intend on tightly controlling the market and only allowing licences to local land based venues to operate online in the country.

This will be bad news to some of the big operators who will find it impossible to break into the Swiss market as blocking measures for unlicensed websites are suggested.

Democracy in Action

Many countries have just accepted the explosion in online gambling as part and parcel of modern life, but big spenders can send a lot of cash out of the country to overseas casino brands. As the casino industry develops there is a clear pattern emerging, and this referendum shows that while the Swiss people support online gambling and would like to see it in the country, they also support high regulation.

It’s not all bad news for casino operators, while many of the big brands won’t be able to operate in Switzerland due to the restrictive rules, games developers will benefit from the move as they can sell their software packages and games to local land-based casinos in the country who choose to go online.

After the referendum with a 72% yes vote, the new system will now be set in law.