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Super Sunday at Sky Poker

It's Super Sunday this week for poker players at Sky Vegas with freeroll tourneys, giveaways and plenty of surprises to boot!


25 May 2017

The poker arm of Sky Vegas is ramping up for the biggest day in its history as Sunday 28th May is declared Super Sunday! The site is keeping lots of surprises under its hat but there are big events, a freeroll tourney and more!

So What’s Happening?

If you’re a poker fan then Super Sunday is just for you. The Vegas Main and Side Final Satellite events will play out at the site and that’ll be pretty exciting, but there’s also a £30,000 Super Sunday main event, a £5,000 Free Roll tourney with Vegas satellite and Super Sunday main event seats!

The event will also give players the chance to win Android devices, cash, tournament entries and even a last minute seat to one of the Vegas finals, so you get the chance to feel like a Poker Pro for the day. And even if you don’t get your name in that, there’ll be 24 mini Vegas themed freerolls all with cash and added prizes too!

Sky Vegas say that’s all the details they are giving away but they promise lots of surprises and reveals on the day so make sure you’re logged on for Super Sunday to make the most of all the Poker specials that are on offer!

The Mystery Surprise

There’s no doubt that Sky Vegas and Sky Poker are keeping lots from this day as a surprise but they also promise a mystery surprise, one that they say is so big that ‘They can barely keep their lips sealed”. Put May 28th on your calendar and make sure you log on for some Super Sunday fun!