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Stan James Casino Advert Is A Real Lemon


4 May 2017

When it comes to advertising any product, be it an online casino or a supermarket, the main ingredient required is the ability to catch the viewers attention.

We recently took a look around YouTube at some of the most recently aired online casino adverts and stumbled across one for Stan James Casino.

Whilst we hadn’t seen the commercial ourselves on our television sets, apparently it was shown about three months ago. Even if we had have ‘seen’ it during an advert break, it would have been unlikely to register because it doesn’t have the key ingredient of being eye-catching!

The Stan James Casino Advert

Lift type music gets the advert started and on screen is a lemon. The screen is black, and the lemon spins slowly.

The voiceover starts and states the obvious – ‘This is a lemon’. He continues by saying ‘It’s yellow, it’s funny shaped, it tastes sour.’

As he continues with the narrative, we see a close up of the yellow peel of the lemon, glistening with water. Then the camera angle changes and we see the lemon again before we then see a slice of lemon as the voiceover mentions its taste.

He continues by saying ‘On its own, a lemon isn’t very exciting but if you see one in a slots game and you get it lined up with other lemons, then that lemon will suddenly taste very sweet!’

Whilst this narrative is going on, the camera swings from the view of one lemon to reveal two others behind it.

On the screen the current offer is shown, 5 free spins on slots.

If you’ve not seen the advert yet, click the image below to view it and see if you found it as dull and uninteresting as we did.

The Stan James Welcome Offer

New players to this online casino can claim five free slot spins without making a deposit with the site. This offer has been around since 1st August 2013 and will expire as and when Stan James choose to remove it.

Simply head to the Bonus Games section and choose a game. Any winnings derived from the free spins have to be wagered 30x.