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Special Payment Method Bonuses at William Hill Casino

Funding is funding at an online casino and you wouldn't think it would matter how you did it, but did you know that if you choose selected payment methods with William Hill you can get bonuses?


19 Aug 2017

How would you like to receive extra deposit bonuses just for using a specific payment method type? Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer at William Hill Casino for both new and existing customers.

Grab a Special 10-15% Bonus

This great promotion from William Hill Casino really does offer you something for nothing. When you first join any online casino you are showered with offers and bonuses but these giveaways often dry up very quickly. To keep you playing for longer, William Hill Casino is giving away extra deposit bonuses of between 10% and 15% for simply adding funds to your account using special payment methods. What’s more, these special payment method bonuses are ongoing, meaning that you can take advantage of a little boost to your bankroll over and over again.

14 Ways to Make Your Deposits Go Further

You may think that you have to use obscure or exclusive payment methods to benefit from these special payment method bonuses, however, this couldn’t be more from the truth. There are fourteen popular and convenient ways for you to top up your William Hill Casino account, which will earn you between 10% and 15% of extra bonuses.

In order for you to claim an extra 10% deposit bonus when you top up your account you need to use one of the following payment methods.

    Visa Electron
    Diners Club

To claim the larger 15% deposit bonus you must add funds to your William Hill Casino account using the following payment methods.

    Fast Bank Transfer

If you have chosen to receive all bonuses from William Hill Casino you simply have to make a deposit of £10 or more using one of the special payment methods to grab your bonus. If you don’t have all bonuses selected in the account section at William Hill Casino, simply click ‘Accept’ when prompted to boost your deposit and play for longer.

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