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Spamalot Progressive Tops £1.5m at William Hill Casino

Visit William Hill Casino and try your luck playing the Spamalot slot, progressive jackpot has reached £1.5m


28 Jul 2014

When you visit the homepage of William Hill Casino, you’ll find one of the most exciting sections of the site listed on the far right-hand side. It doesn’t leap out at you, but when you finally spot it, the ‘Jackpots’ current total really takes your breath away. At the time of writing, the total value of the site’s progressive games was £6,155,000, and when you click the ‘View All’ link, you’ll see that by far the biggest share of this total comes courtesy of one of the funniest slots of all time – Monty Python’s Spamalot.

A huge PJP of over £1.5m is waiting to be won by one lucky player, and the key to making it yours is to collect five Holy Grail jackpot symbols during the free spins round. However, Playtech haven’t made it that easy to win it, as you’ll need to successfully navigate your way through six different levels by picking the right object each time.

While you’re hunting for the holy grail of all progressive jackpots, you’ll hopefully get to enjoy the slot’s four hilarious bonus rounds. Stop your knights from getting squashed by falling cows; try not to get eaten by the Killer Rabbit; find the highest-paying shrubbery, and win a multiplier of up to 5x by fighting the formidable Black Knight.

Play Monty Python’s Spamalot today at William Hill Casino.

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