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Slingo Launch New Casino Adverts


26 Feb 2017

It was about six months ago that we first reported on Slingo advertising their online casino on E! Entertainment and now they are back but on mainstream TV.

The new marketing campaign is far improved in our opinion with a real sense of fun. The strapline is Slingo For It and features a number of people in funny positions.

Slingo On TV

The main commercial that we have actually seen on TV sees a woman sipping tea in her dressing gown when her partner walks past and drops his sports kit on the table, complete with tennis racket.

The voiceover says ‘Boyfriend dropped you for tennis again?‘ as the woman sports a mischievous grin. ‘What are you up to?‘ the voiceover continues as she replaces the tennis racket with a frying pan!

He continues with

If it is fun you are after, we have hundreds of games at Slingo. There’s always fun at your fingertips. You can play for free, so why not Slingo for it!

As the voiceover is talking we are shown a mobile screen featuring their unique Slingo game. The final scene is the man collecting his sports kit, lifting it and hesitating for a bit before leaving for his tennis game.

Here’s the advert in case you haven’t seen it.

Slingo Ads On Facebook

Now whilst the above commercial is quite good, we’re more impressed with the ones that we are seeing on social media like Facebook.

The storyline of one is a woman stood in front of shelves full of lettered mugs. She looks around and then spends a few seconds fiddling with the mugs.

She steps back and she has spelt out the words ‘Shit Mugs’!

Another shows a man emptying the tumble dryer as his wife is leaving the house. He pulls out a small pair of pink lacy panties. The next scene shows the same panties showing above the waistline of his jeans as he watches TV.

We love the tongue in cheekiness about the commercials and certainly think they will help create player connection.