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Sky Vegas Launch New Media Marketing

Sky Vegas has a new look and to complement the colourful aesthetic, there's a new marketing campaign showing on television.


19 Oct 2015

Sky Vegas have a goal of becoming being the UK’s market leading online casino and it looks a step nearer with a new look for their site.

However, striving to achieve their ambition hasn’t stopped at a lick of virtual paint at their online casino because Sky Vegas have also launched a new media campaign too.

The focus of the set of four commercials is to try and encourage player loyalty with the strapline ‘Why aren’t you in Sky Vegas?’ The first time any of the adverts were seen on television was 5th October 2015.

Four Adverts From Sky Vegas

The four commercials feature four different characters, each of whom are the main focus of the entire advert. The storyline being that playing at the site has taken them away from the tedium of everyday life, transported them to a virtual world that is as exciting as the real venue itself.

The Stars Of Sky Vegas

Liz is a housewife and like all of the adverts, she was performing a rather mundane task earlier in the day (cleaning the cupboard under the stairs). In this commercial the slots take centre stage.

Emma was defrosting her freezer. Table games and slots are central to this advert.

Richard was washing his squash kit. The focus of this commercial is the slots.

Michael was doing his recycling. In this advert, the focus is on the roulette game.

In each of the commercials, the people behind the glasses are not really seen. The advert is played out in the reflection of the sunglasses they are wearing.

Closing Thoughts

What we found a little tedious was the American drawl of the voiceover. If you’re trying to become the ‘UK’s market leading online casino’ why an American accent?

Although this ties in with the Vegas reference, the Sky Vegas adverts didn’t, in our opinion, do enough to capture our attention.