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Sky To Limit Gambling Adverts


7 Nov 2018

Although Sky have their own online gambling products they have agreed to limit the number of gambling adverts that appear in the commercial breaks on their television channels.

On 4th November The Telegraph reported that Sky are to dramatically reduce the number of gambling adverts following growing concerns over addiction. Christopher Williams, the Deputy Business Editor for The Telegraph wrote the article and it can be read here.

He reported that Sky will be imposing a limit of one gambling commercial per ad break at the beginning of the next Premier League season in August 2019.

If you’re a Sky subscriber and avid viewer of their channels, you will know that as many as four online gambling adverts can be seen in commercial breaks.

As you would expect, there is high demand from sports betting companies for the slots during live matches on Sky Sport as they try to attract the viewer to ‘in play’ betting.

The Cost To Sky?

Whilst this move is a wise one considering the campaign to restrict adverts for online gambling to after the watershed, the cost implication to Sky is massive.

In the original article it is stated that about £200m a year is the figure generated in advertising sales to gambling operators and whilst the full impact to Sky is not known because the slots are auctioned, it will still be quite a hit.

That said, with the slots available becoming fewer, the price for them may rise.

Full Exclusion For Sky Customers

It was also reported that as from 2020 Sky customers will be given the option to exclude gambling from the advert breaks completely.

There will be technology built into the set-top boxes and via cable operators like Virgin Media that will put other advertising in place of the gambling ads that have been blocked by the consumer.