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Sky City Casino Not A Winner For Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton wasn't winning in Australia at all! Not at the casino and not on the Formula 1 track!


23 Mar 2016

Rules are rules and in many casinos the regulations are that you must not wear hats or sunglasses and mobile phones are not allowed at many tables.

It would appear that these rules are what got the heckles up of the Formula 1 three times World Champion, Lewis Hamilton during a stay at the Sky City Casino in Auckland.

Lewis Hamilton Tweets His Disappointment

Although Mr. Hamilton wasn’t forthcoming in what exactly had caused his displeasure, he felt that the staff were rude and that he had been treated like dirt.

He was quite succinct in his angst (you can’t be anything but with only 140 characters) with a tweet that said

Don’t ever go to the Sky City Casino in Auckland, they treated me like dirt. Can’t believe how rude they were. Worst casino experience ever!

Although no trace of the tweet remains, Sky City Casino responded on Tuesday morning by saying

So sorry to hear @LewisHamilton didn’t have a good time with us last night. We pride ourselves on being good hosts.

They also followed up with the Formula 1 star directly but refused to discuss what the problem was.

Casino Visit Ahead Of Australian Grand Prix

It is believed that Hamilton was staying at the hotel attached to the casino ahead of the Australia Grand Prix.

Hamilton finished second to Nico Rosberg earning 18 points in the incident-packed event.

Fernando Alonso was lucky to walk away from a high-speed crash, a crash that resulted in his car being planted on the wall. The car flipped in two full rotations across a gravel trap after colliding with another driver, Gutierrez.

He extricated himself from the wreckage to ensure his mum could see that he was ok. His injuries were nothing more than bruised knees – unlike Hamilton who appears to be suffering from a bruised ego thanks to Sky City Casino.