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Sky Casino Ads Just Get It


26 Nov 2017

We recently came across the new round of Sky Casino adverts on YouTube and have to say, they are a breath of fresh air.

We watched a couple of them and both seemed to just get it; the thrill of playing at an online casino and what many of us as players expect from our online gaming experience.

The two we watched were from the Where Performance Matters set of adverts and both featured music by Rustie.

Rick Smith Jr. And Sky Casino

In our favourite of the two commercials that we watched, we see Rick Smith Jr., a professional illusionist and card thrower from Ohio.

He’s probably best known outside of the UK but he does hold three world records for throwing playing cards the furthest, highest and most accurate and it is this skill that is used to make viewers aware of the performance at Sky Casino.

The Sky Casino Ad

Although the commercial that impressed is very dark, it’s sleek and mysterious with that element of anticipation of what is coming next. The After Light tune by Rustie adds an up to date feel to the whole scenario.

Rick stands in the middle of the darkened street and then the lights of a BMW i8 come on.

At the side of the screen the spec for the car is listed as the engine revs. Rick prepares himself for a card throw and the window of the BMW opens to reveal the target area.

The car drives around Rick and he bends his wrist with the eight of hearts in his hand, takes aim and flicks the card toward the car. It misses. Time for a reload.

The next shot is bang on target! We see a whole selection of slow motion shots, even a quite unflattering one of the concentration on Rick’s face as he lets go of the card.

He walks away quite pleased with himself.

For us, the missing on the first shot but hitting on the second was quite a visual analogy of how online casino play is.

If you haven’t seen the ad, click the image below to view: