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Scottish Casino-Goers have Mixed Fortunes


30 Jan 2013

While staff members are in Dundee prepare to pack their bags, players at Gala Casino Aberdeen have been getting big payouts.

The Gala Casino in Dundee is due to close soon but further north one player must have felt like all his birthdays had come at once when he won a massive £330,000 playing blackjack in a nationwide competition.

Another participant, Chris Scouller, described the moment when the player won “His face went white. He just stayed quiet.” Chris himself won a healthy £16,000 along with another player just for being on the same table as the lucky player. The winning hand in the Perfect Pairs game (which as it turns out was a pretty apt name) was achieved by scoring 2 red aces which were split and then a further 2 red aces were drawn resulting in the win.

So whilst the players were dancing in Aberdeen the patrons and staff at the Gala Casino in Dundee, were most likely drowning their sorrows, as the announcement that the venue will close on 16th February was made. The popular casino has been sold for £8.5m for redevelopment of the waterfront area in that part of the city. There has been no announcement on whether Gala will be relocating or how many job losses there might be.

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