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Say It As It Is Betsafe!

When it comes to getting your online casino noticed, a commercial that is attention grabbing is the way to do it and Betsafe, in our opinion, has nailed it!


24 Oct 2015

Betsafe, the name itself sounds like an advert for responsible gambling, but actually it’s an online casino.

The brand officially opened in January of 2006 and has worked hard to become one of the most trusted and reliable gaming companies in the market space – at least that’s what they say on their web page.

It isn’t this that attracted us to their site though, it was their ‘No Bullsh*t Betting’ commercial that achieved what many casino adverts have failed to do in the past – grabbed our attention.

No Bullsh*t Betting From Betsafe

Even the strapline for this commercial has the feel of something from the Senet Group but watching the advert, you become even more convinced that someone is trying to discourage you from gambling!

The opening scene shows a floodlit stadium before changing to an underground car park and a rather flash looking car.

A stiletto-clad foot emerges from the car and strolls down the red carpet to the stadium VIP entrance as the paparazzi snap the wearer’s photograph.

The voiceover begins as the person who the shoe belongs to emerges from the lift. It tells of how life is all about the challenge and asks who celebrates the status quo? It’s clear at this point that the voice belongs to the stiletto-wearing, self-assured woman.

She then talks about how she has turned the mind-set into a living and a good one at that. All the while she continues to stroll through the VIP area.

In the background you see a number of people; a ‘player’ on the couch with two gold diggers, businessmen drinking champagne before it cuts to the football field and the game. It’s then back to another gent who is clearly placing a phone bet.

All of this is secondary to the commentary though, it is this you have to listen to.

Remember she said she is making a good living from ‘the challenge’? She then tells the viewer how that living is made at YOUR expense.

The Betsafe Commercial

We could describe in detail how the advert continues but honestly, it is one worth viewing so click play to see it in its entirety.

How many casino adverts are that blunt? We love the no bullsh*t approach and think it has certainly ensured that the brand hit our radar!