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Risqué Commercial From Belgium Brand, Casino 777


8 Aug 2016

Over the years we have seen many gambling sites offer up a selection of risqué commercials advertising their wares on television.

One of these was NetBet Casino and their ‘When Harry Met Sally’ scene. A recent visit to YouTube revealed that a Belgian brand has taken things a little further.

Casino 777 Advert Attempts To Seduce The Viewer

Of course, not speaking Dutch, we aren’t sure exactly what is being said during the advert but it is clear what is going on.

The opening scene shows a man sat at his desk playing Gonzo’s Quest. His wife walks in behind him in just a silky robe and bra. He turns and glances at her before turning straight back to his computer.

She doesn’t give up, she sashays over to his desk, picks up his mobile and then he follows her to the bedroom. You then see them wrapped in each others arms but as he embraces her, he is playing the mobile casino games over her shoulder.

Casino 777 Adverts

Click the image below to view the advert.

Obviously Belgium is not governed by the same strict advertising controls as we have in the UK. This is clear when you look at other commercials from Casino 777.

Prior to this, the site launched one that was based in what we believe to be a fertility clinic. Another brown haired beauty stars in this one too.

The viewer is shown a man handed a specimen pot and a ‘sexy’ magazine. He goes into a room alone as his wife sits in the waiting room.

Time passes and the nurse looks at the clock before his wife decides to join him. What appear to be sexual noises are then heard before we are shown them playing the casino on the mobile.

There was another two years ago from this online casino too, again starring a raven haired beauty.

The storyline of that commercial was a chap having dinner in a restaurant with his wife. Although not unattractive, she is clearly no beauty queen and the actress passes the gentlemen her number.

He discards it into the wine bucket and then we are transported to his bedroom where his wife is dressed in black PVC and sporting a whip.

You are then shown both looking rather dishevelled, the wife now in her full length nightie tucked up in bed, both playing the casino.

Great Advertising Or Too Risqué?

The commercials are very tongue in cheek but clearly they wouldn’t pass muster in the UK.

Had these been British adverts, we are sure that there would have been a few complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. These would likely have been upheld for breaching BCAP Code 17.3.7:

Advertisements must not:

link gambling to seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness

If not a couple of others too.

Please note: Casino 777 should not be confused with 777 Casino.