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Revealing Foxy Casino Advert


13 Mar 2017

When it comes to branding one site that appeared to have got it right was Foxy, certainly with it’s bingo anyway. However, the new campaign for Foxy Casino and Bingo has taken a completely different direction.

The face of Foxy Casino has always been the loveable woodland creature sporting a purple Paul Smith suit and an endearing charm. The new campaign reveals a Hollywood actress to be in the suit but will this translate well into conversions?

Heather Graham Fronts Foxy Casino Commercial

For the casino the answer has to be yes and the good-looking blonde probably holds more appeal for the male casino player than a hirsute animal.

The advert is definitely very tongue in cheek and with Heather Graham seen lounging around in lingerie, definitely aimed at the male player rather than the female.

The opening scene shows a ‘runner’ knocking on Foxy’s dressing room door saying ‘Two minutes on set Foxy’ and the well-known Northern accent responds ‘Alright Pet’.

The scene cuts to the face of Foxy Casino sat in front of a dressing room mirror and lifting his head off to reveal Heather Graham. In his accent she says “I’m just having a wazz’.

She then steps over to the leather sofa, picks up an iPad and says (in her own voice) ‘Sometimes a girl has to play Foxy to get what she wants, right?’

We are then shown a roulette table with the £10 free play bonus currently available from Foxy Casino before focusing back on Heather’s face as she says, in Foxy’s voice, ‘Freakin’ ferrets, I’ll have that!’

You can see the advert by clicking the image below:

Where Are Foxy Going With This?

The question is where are Foxy going with this advertising? Are the plans to completely lose the fox that has made them one of the most recognisable brands online today?

Are we set to see them drop the fox of Foxy and replace him with a selection of ‘foxy’ ladies with Heather Graham just the tip of the iceberg?

We’ll have to wait and see, watch this space……