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Resorts World Casino Being Sued


20 Jun 2017

It was back in November 2016 that we reported on a missed $43 million jackpot by one not so lucky Katrina Bookman [read more here].

This poor lady was spinning the reels of a penny slot machine when the screen changed to say ‘Printing Cash Ticket. £42,949,642.76’. Sadly, her absolute delight was short lived when the cashier told her it was a mistake!

To add insult to injury, the Resorts World Casino offered her a complimentary steak dinner by of recompense for the error.

Lawyers After $43 Million From Resorts World Casino

The mother of four retained a lawyer the moment the casino refused to pay out in August of 2016 and since the ‘mistake’ has suffered anxiety and depression.

Ms. Bookman was raised in foster care and even spent sometime homeless. However, she has managed to put her four children through high school as a single mum.

For her, this win was her lucky break and then the casino pulled the rug from under her.

Speaking to ABC7 she said

All I can think about is my family, the struggle I have been through. It’s hard to cope with.

Escorted From The Resorts World Casino

On the night of the win, Ms. Bookman was removed from the casino and asked to return the following day for the result of an investigation.

The decision was that there was no money due to her as the machine had malfunctioned.

An investigation by the New York State Gaming Commission found that there was clearly a display malfunction; the maximum pay out on the machine was $6,500. This sounds about right for a penny slot machine, a progressive jackpot of over $43 million would take quite a while to build with just penny bets!

At the time of dispute, it was hoped that a resolution could be found it would seem, nearly a year later, that a lawsuit has been the only option for this not so lucky lady.