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The Record Wheel Bonuses at 777 Casino

Spin the Record Wheel this coming month at 777 Casino and you could pick up more than you bargained for, to the sweet tune of as much as £300!


1 Sep 2017

When you think of things spinning at a casino, it’s usually slot reels or roulette wheels. However, at 777 Casino there’s a vinyl record to spin, and it could be worth thousands to you in casino bonuses!

Spin the Record and Win a Deposit

The Record Wheel is a great bonus generator, awarding you with an extra bonus once you have made a deposit at 777 Casino. Simply add funds of £20 or more to your account and you will be entitled to one spin of the Record Wheel. The record has ten sections, each with their own bonus amount of between 10% and 50% displayed. Spin the record around and around to see just how big your bonus will be. For example, if you make a £50 deposit and then spin a 30% bonus on the Record Wheel, you will earn an extra £15 worth of bonus casino credits.

If you’re a high roller and a £15 bonus doesn’t sound all that enticing, you’ll be pleased to know that each bonus received by spinning the Record Wheel at 777 Casino could be worth as much as £300. If you made a £600 deposit and then spun a 50% bonus, you would achieve the maximum bonus amount.

Play Every Day

Unlike most online casino promotions, the Record Wheel is available to spin once a day until the end of the promotional period on 1st October 2017. This gives you over a month of daily bonuses to spin and win. To receive your spin of the Record Wheel, simply add &pound’20 or more to your 777 Casino account using the promo code ‘RECORD’. Once your deposit has been made, you’ll have 48 hours to spin the Record Wheel and claim your bonus. Now that really is some sweet music!