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Rank and Gala Casino Customers Reveal All


20 Dec 2012

A survey of customers of Rank Group and Gala Casinos has been carried out by GfK as part of its investigation into possible concerns relating to the buy-out of Gala by Rank.

The survey was ordered by the Competition Commission and as part of the process, the impact on customers – including any effect on prices, and the availability of alternative venues – needed to be taken into account. As a result the newly published survey was undertaken.

GfK found a predominantly male customer base (77%), over a quarter (27%) of whom fell into the 18-24 age group, making this category over-represented compared with the population as a whole.

Perhaps surprisingly, only a small minority of people visit casinos alone – 19% visit with relatives and 67% with friends or colleagues, meaning only 14% are sole gamblers.

One in six people visit casinos without actually gambling, and while card games are popular among those who gamble, roulette is most popular overall, at 58% of those surveyed.

Interestingly, only 54% of people had left their home or place of work with the specific intention of heading to a casino – for the rest, it was a last-minute decision while already out.

Overall, 83% of those surveyed said they did not expect the merger to have any effect on them, with only 1-3% concerned about price, quality, levels of customer service and their freedom of choice over where to gamble.

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