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Race To Drive: Multiplier Mayhem At Intercasino

There's bonuses and free spins to be won if you can win the race at Intercasino in their Drive: Multiplier Mayhem promotion.


1 May 2016

Intercasino recently underwent a transition and as part of that change, we have seen an improvement in the promotional schedule from the brand.

Currently underway at this popular online casino is a race to win a share of free spins and cash prizes. We’re now into the last week of the offer so you need to put your foot down in order to get in on the Drive: Multiplier Mayhem action.

Races At Intercasino

Race one and race two have been completed and the winners announced but race three, the final race, gets under starters orders tomorrow.

To be registered for the race you are required to claim one of the Multiplier Mayhem bonuses and these are released on a Monday and Thursday. They also have to be used within 72 hours of claiming.

Race Rules At Intercasino

The race rules are simple; you will receive one race point for every £4 (or equivalent currency) that you wager on slots. It doesn’t have to be the Drive: Multiplier Mayhem game, any slot at Intercasino will earn you race points.

If you were already involved and participated in race one and two, you could be taking advantage of the Multiplier Effect.

The Multiplier Effect sees your prizes doubled or tripled if you managed to score at least 50 points. 50 points in week one and week two saw the prize doubled, 50 points in week three too and the prize you win will be tripled.

Please note: To activate the Multiplier Effect to double your score you must have scored in races one and two. To triple the score, you must have reached 50 points in race one, two and three.

Intercasino Race Prizes

The prizes for this promotion from Intercasino are:

  • 50 – 90 race points – five free spins
  • 100 – 199 race points – 10 free spins
  • 200 – 299 race points – 20 free spins
  • 300 – 499 race points – 30 free spins

For players who achieved 500+ race points there are the following bonus cash prizes or free spins to be allocated via a random draw:

  • 5 x £50 (or equivalent currency)
  • 5 x £25 (or equivalent currency)
  • 5 x £20 (or equivalent currency)
  • 50 free spins

All free spins that are awarded from this Intercasino promotion are for Drive: Multiplier Mayhem and carry 5x wagering.