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Priority Access Card From William Hill

The William Hill Priority Access Card is a prepaid Mastercard that allows you to access your winnings immediately. It can be used for playing more games or simply shopping - the choice is yours.


3 Dec 2015

When you spin the reels at any casino, or even when you play table games or spin the roulette wheel, ultimately the aim is to be a big winner.

Whilst some of us may never be the player making the headlines for winning millions, most will get lucky enough to withdraw winnings at some point in time.

When this happens we want to be able to access our money quickly and often, the wait between withdrawal and the money actually arriving in your account can be a little frustrating.

It is this that the Priority Access Card from William Hill will address and we found an informative clip about this new feature on YouTube.

William Hill Priority Access Card Explained

The Priority Access Card is a prepaid Mastercard available from William Hill.

It is linked to your online account with the brand and whilst you have a positive balance at the site, can be used to withdraw money from ATM machines and to buy goods and services in the same way a normal Mastercard could be.

The only difference is is that it isn’t a credit card – no money in your William Hill account, no money to spend shopping!

Although this was rolled out to customers in September 2015, it came back to our attention thanks to the clip on YouTube, an informative look at the benefits of having one of the Priority Access cards from William Hill.

YouTube Clip From William Hill

The clip starts with a Sherlock Holmes cartoon figure strolling along the screen whilst the voiceover says

We’ve been busy solving one of our customers biggest problems, the questions customers continue to ask are

  • Where is my money?
  • Why does it take so long to get the money?
  • Why haven’t my winnings appeared in my account?
  • Can you transfer my winnings immediately?

It’s more of an infomercial than a commercial, but it’s well worth watching if the Priority Access Card from William Hill is something you are considering.

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