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PlayOJO Advertises A Little Differently


28 Feb 2018

Over the years we have seen many different commercials for numerous different online casinos and some are more memorable than others. One that caught our eye recently is from PlayOJO.

PlayOJO was launched in February 2017 and at the time of opening, was one of the first casinos to have no bonuses available to players.

A Change From The Norm At PlayOJO

The marketing from this online casino is certainly different, where else would you have the opening line ‘This is no way to run an online casino’?

That’s exactly how the commercial starts, the scene is the PlayOJO offices and someone is sharing an opinion in a very vocal manner in a side office.

After shouting the line, we see the opinionated man quitting his job, biting the end off his biro, throwing it on the table and leaving the office, slamming the door behind him for effect.

We’re shown him sneering with blue teeth from the ink in the pen as he utters the word ‘rubbish’ and then we hear the voice in his head

‘No Clint, we don’t hide anything in our terms and conditions.’

He takes a soft toy from a desk and staples it to a column in the office before taking a sandwich from a colleague and saying, whilst nose to nose with him

‘Give money to players win or lose do we? MUPPETS!’

The voiceover kicks in at this point and says

Yea, we do actually. Money back to players, win or lose. Not bad for an online casino.

The PlayOJO Advert

If you have not caught this, or any other of the adverts for this casino on TV then you can always watch them by visiting their YouTube channel.

For now, here’s the commercial that really caught our attention.

We think that this is the way that all gambling advertising is going to have to go following recent changes in regulations for promoting any gambling product.