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Pink Casino Sponsor Celebrity Big Brother 2018


19 Dec 2017

In the summer it was revealed that Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) was being sponsored by Pink Casino [read more here] and recently news has reached us that they will be taking up the position again for the series that starts in 2018.

The next series of Celebrity Big Brother starts on Channel 5 on the 2nd January and rumour has it that Tattoo Fixer’s Paisley Billings is going to be a housemate.

Other names in the mix are India Willoughby, Louise Thompson and Elizabeth McKenna as well as Charlotte Leslie and Sinitta. As for the men,  it is rumoured that Love Island lothario Jonny Mitchell may be in the house.

Ladies First For Channel 5 And Pink Casino

Channel 5 have confirmed that it will be all women who enter the house first, with the men joining them later. Great for the sponsors considering Pink Casino target the ladies!

The bosses of the show have said that the ladies are going in first to celebrate 100 years of women having the right to vote.

Pink Casino And CBB Feedback On Social Media

Whilst we were looking into details of the continued sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother, we took to social media to see what was being said about it.

Now whilst the original post on the Pink Casino blog has been removed, it was seen to suggest that as part of the celebrations and sponsorship, the CBB house will have had a pink makeover!

From pink furnishings and homeware to pink doors and even Emma Willis, the host, is said to be joining in by sporting a pink mini dress for the live launch!

This has not been news that has received well by some. The following are just a couple of examples of negative comments we found:

LJay815 says

In excluding men from the launch audience, making the house pink and only having women to begin with – #CBB are single handedly destroying their own theme.

Women getting the vote = equality.

This is not ‘equality’. This is sexism.

JamHoopFilm was more disappointed about the Pink Casino advert and said:

Just saw an advert for something called Pink Casino. Might as well just call it Vagina Gambling, it’d be less patronising.

EatMyHalo was equally unimpressed with the gender specifics in their advertising saying:

Pink Casino should just be done with it and call themselves Hormonal Chocolate Prosecco Ovary Casino.

We’ll have to wait until January to see if the CBB house is pink!