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Penalty Package For Broadway Gaming


9 Dec 2017

On a regular basis a number of gambling companies are reported to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for misleading advertising but before now, we have never known a fine to be levied for breaking the CAP Codes.

Broadway Gaming, the company responsible for Butlers Bingo, Glossy Bingo, Bingo Diamond, Casino of Dreams, Dotty Bingo and Rehab Bingo, were reported to the ASA last year and the ruling published in June 2016.

Broadway Gaming ASA Complaint

The offending advert was found on the mobile homepage of Butlers Bingo on 15th April 2016 and featured the welcome bonus promotion  ‘Deposit £10, play with £35’. There was just one complaint and it was that the advert failed to provided the customer with clear details of the wagering requirements.

Whilst the wagering requirements could be found on site, they are such a significant part of the offer that the ASA felt they should have been clear in the main body of the advert.

The complaint was upheld and Butlers Bingo had breached the following two CAP Codes:

All marketing communications or other material referring to promotions must communicate all applicable significant conditions or information where the omission of such conditions or information is likely to mislead. Significant conditions or information may, depending on the circumstances, include

How to participate
How to participate, including significant conditions and costs, and other major factors reasonably likely to influence consumers’ decision or understanding about the promotion

The Gambling Commission started to investigate further in March 2017 and found that their other brands had similar failings.

Social Responsibility Failures By Broadway Gaming

Like the other brands that have recently been fined by the Gambling Commission, Broadway Gaming accepted that the adverts breached the social responsibility codes.

During the investigation, Broadway Gaming informed the Gambling Commission that similar adverts had been placed on affiliate websites and the company was reminded that this was their responsibility too.

These failures are the reason that the penalty package of £100,000 has been levied against the company.

The full public statement regarding Broadway Gaming can be found here.

How long before other operators who have been guilty of breaching similar CAP Codes are slapped with a fine too?