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Paddy Power’s Pocket Jostle – More Near The Knuckle Than Five Knuckle

Marketing their new iPhone App has been done brilliantly by Paddy Power, even though we are unlikely to ever see it on television!


4 Dec 2015

Paddy Power is renowned for their tongue in cheek advertising and over the years have had many commercials banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It would seem that their Pocket Jostle advert is so near the knuckle that it’s not even going to make it on television.

That said, does it need to considering the promotional write ups that there have, and will continue to be, about it?

The ‘offending’ advert was created to promote their new iPhone app, showing viewers how quick and easy it is to use.

It’s entitled the Pocket Jostle but it’s the intimation that there is a little five knuckle action going on that makes it more near the knuckle than many other commercials from Paddy Power.

Paddy Power Says…

A spokesperson for Paddy Power was quoted by the Irish Independent as saying

We understand that the advert is a bit close to the bone (another innuendo do you think?) but we couldn’t resist the metaphor of knocking a quickie out in your pocket. It was too good not to share!

In the first instance we showed the clip to our customers and they found it highly amusing and of course, relevant. It was this that swayed the decision to share the joke!

The Paddy Power Pocket Jostle Commercial

Whilst you may not get to see the advert on your television screen, here’s the clip from YouTube.

Other Paddy Power Ads Causing Mass Debates

It seemed only fitting that we include reference to a complaint and subsequent ruling by the ASA in August 2014.

The offending ad featured text that asked ‘Who’s the best mass debater? Clegg 6/4, Farage 1/2?’ The ad was accompanied by images of the two politicians with suggestive facial expressions.

Common sense prevailed in that mass debate and the ASA did not uphold the complaint.

Keep them coming Paddy Power – the stuffed shirts need to loosen their collars a little we think or maybe have a little pocket jostle of their own!

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