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Paddy Power Mock The Scots

A parody of the Fat Les Vindaloo song has been used in a commercial by Paddy Power to advertise their sportsbook and like many before it, it's hilarious!


27 Jun 2016

When it comes to tongue in cheek advertising there is only one gambling brand that can wear the crown and that’s Paddy Power.

Often they will push the boundaries and many of their commercials have received a slap on the wrist from the Advertising Standards Authority following viewer complaints.

However, whilst some have been banned, most of the Paddy Power adverts have raised laughter as well as a few eyebrows and the most current has done much the same, although we’re not so sure on how it has been received by the Scots.

Euro 2016 Scotland Advert From Paddy Power

If you’re a football fan then you will know that Scotland didn’t even qualify for Euro 2016, something that Paddy Power has used brilliantly to advertise their sportsbook.

Not only is the storyboard for the commercial funny, the company have clearly invested a substantial amount of money in it because a number of celebrities make an appearance.

You’ll see The Krankies, two ex-footballers (Andy Goram and Frank McAvennie) and the final Pop Idol winner, Michelle McManus during the commercial. Even the Loch Ness monster makes a cameo appearance.

Vindaloo Fat Les Parody

The star of the commercial, a typically Scottish looking chap, starts singing the moment the advert starts (excuse any misheard lyrics):

Where the hell are you from?
We’re from Scotland
Do you think we’re gonna cry ‘cos we did nee qualify?
Forget it!

Scotland won’t be there,
Do you think we really care?
We don’t mind, we won’t despair
Dos we’ve got The Krankies and lush red hair.
So what we’ll do, we’ll paint our blue
And have some deep fried chocolate bars too
Scotland’s gonna bet on youse to lose!

Watch The Paddy Power Scotland Commercial

If you haven’t seen the advert, just click the link below to watch