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More Paddy Power ‘Gold’ In Advert Form


30 Aug 2017

When it comes to promoting online gambling, be it casino or sports betting, the best (and sometimes most controversial) has to be Paddy Power.

With the new football season now underway, it stands to reason that this popular sports betting brand would take to the small screens with a new advertising campaign.

Like many before it, the new Paddy Power advert has a real sense of fun, is easy viewing and engages with the viewer – they are onto a winner!

Away Day Football Fan Advert From Paddy Power

The focus of the new commercial is football and it starts with a train pulling into a station. As the train draws to a standstill, the tune of the song registers with the viewer as being Gold by Spandau Ballet.

The star of the ad is a wheelchair bound supporter and he starts to sing a parody of the song:

Today’s game’s away from home
But travelling to the match is a chore
And I’ve heard all Bazza’s stories before.

Still match day’s my favourite day
Despite all of these bums in my face
And the clueless steward clearing the way
Oh will you hold up dude, I’m gonna use the loo
‘Oi, this is a disabled cubicle’
Still, at least we got the best seats of them all

Goal! My team’s on a serious role
My bet’s going to come in I know
‘Cos they’re indestructible
The [ineligible] fans are leaving.

Throughout the commercial, whilst he is singing, there are images that match what he is singing. For example, at ‘despite all the bums in my face‘, there are a number of builders’ bums in view as they make their way to the ground.

When he’s talking about needing the toilet, an able-bodied man comes out of the disabled toilet.  The best seats in the house that he sings about are the seats right on the pitch for wheelchairs.

And when he is singing about the fans leaving, he’s showing them the middle-finger salute!

More Trouble For Paddy Power?

We think the advert is great – yet more genius from the marketing team, but we also expect that at some point the PC brigade, at least one of them, is set to make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Time will tell, but for now, a pat on the back for Paddy Power once again!

Here’s the commercial in case you haven’t seen it already: