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Paddy Power Games On TV


4 Apr 2017

When it comes to advertising, there is one brand that stands out from the crowd with head-turning marketing and that is Paddy Power.

Their latest television appearance is for Paddy Power Games and it features the tune Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como.

However, whilst the tune is well known, the parody of it is not but the advert is well worth a watch!

Papa Loves Paddy Power Games

The opening scene is of a craps table and then as the camera pans out, you see that you are watching from the security cameras.

The security guard starts to sing the parody as the people play and it goes like this:

Original Paddy Power Parody

Papa loves mambo

Watching them gamble

Mama loves mambo

From a sneaky camera angle

Look at ’em sway with it, gettin’ so gay with it

Yea, look at ’em play on it, spin away on it

Shoutin’ Olé with it, wow!

Rubbing my face in it now!

Papa loves mambo (papa loves mambo)

Still I can’t grumble (still you can’t grumble)

Mama loves mambo (mama loves mambo)

I have a cheeky little dabble (have a cheeky little dabble)

Papa does great with it, swings like a gate with it

Yea, I’ll have a spin on it, when I’m on break with it

Evens his weight with it, now!

With daily jackpots looking great now!

As he is singing, the gamblers get involved as does a fish in the tank. There are people spinning the slots and playing other table games as well as someone being escorted from the casino floor.

For us though, it’s the well-known tune that turned our head to the screen and that’s half the battle with any TV advertising, so good job Paddy Power!

The Paddy Power Games Commercial

If you haven’t yet seen the advert on the small screens, just click the image below to view: