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Paddy Power Back On The Small Screen


1 Dec 2016

When it comes to advertising gambling, there are some brands that stand head and shoulders above the rest for ingenuity. The first that springs to mind is Paddy Power.

Whilst the company has been subject to a lot of scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority over the years, this often brings with it additional attention and media coverage which in itself is an extra bonus aside from the marketing campaign.

New Paddy Power Commercials

There is a new round of Paddy Power adverts currently showing on television at the moment, and whilst they are sports betting ads rather than casino, we’re pretty impressed with them.

We’ve seen two so far; one concentrates on football betting, the other on the horses, but both are catchy in their own way.

The most noticeable thing about them both is that they use iconic tunes and make parodies of them.

For the football commercial the tune is Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler, click the image below to view:

And for the horse racing, the song is Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheels. The parody for the latter goes like this:

Well I don’t know any better a site than seeing racehorses in flight,
It’s so hard to make way to the race,
Get those mustard trousers out of my face.
There’s tweeds to the left of me, wags to the right
Still I’ll bet on a filly or two.
And when they see me winning, they tap me up for tips and say ‘Plllleeeeeeease”.

You can see the clip for this advert below:

ASA Attention For Paddy Power?

We’re not the ASA but we are the viewing public and we can’t see any reason why either advert should come underfire. However, we know from experience that it only takes one complaint to start the proverbial ball rolling and this could come from a competitor.

The only issue we could see was that at the end of the horse betting advert, the star became popular because he was winning and someone might suggest that this has enhanced his personal qualities as per BCAP Code 17.3.6 below.


suggest that gambling can enhance personal qualities; for example, that it can improve self-image or self-esteem, or is a way to gain control, superiority, recognition or admiration

We don’t see it that way, but we’re not the authority or the one person who chooses to make the complaint.