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Orgasmic NetBet Casino Commercial

The NetBet Casino commercial features their own version of the iconic fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. Could this see the brand slapped on the wrist by the ASA?


21 Nov 2015

When it comes to advertising any gambling product on television there are very clear rules laid out by the CAP and BCAP Codes.

Breaking these rules can lead to a slap on the wrist by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and ultimately the commercial being banned.

One of those rules are that adverts should not make direct or implied links between gambling and sexual success. Some might say that reaching an orgasm implies some sort of success in that area….

The reason we are talking orgasms today is that the commercial for NetBet Casino mimics the iconic scene from the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally.

The NetBet Casino Commercial

During the advert for NetBet Casino we are transported to a busy cafe and as it starts, we can hear a woman saying ‘ Yes, yes, yes’ in true Meg Ryan style.

As the camera pans around the room we are shown the woman’s eating companion munching on his sandwich and other patrons looking on rather shocked as the woman continues.

We see astounded looks on many faces as she continues on until finally reaching the climax.

She grabs the tablecloth, her eating partner looking rather perplexed, before the camera pans to a tablet in front of her which shows a £15 bet on a 30 payline, 5 reel slot called The Best Things in Life has landed her a win a £1,775.00.

Before we continue, it’s a bit rude to be sat with a companion having lunch and playing at an online casino. We’d be more perplexed at the lack of manners than the orgasm she was faking!

You can view the clip by hitting the play button below:

There is another version where the man is having a good time at the table, but this is advertising the sports betting arm of NetBet.

Terms And Conditions Of The NetBet Casino TV Offer

During the commercial, at least the clip we viewed on YouTube, the text “Up to £250 Bonus Play – No Deposit Required – With Code NETBET” appears on the screen.

There are no references to the Terms and Conditions of the offer, which may also see the advert come under scrutiny from the ASA.

It is worth noting however that the sports betting commercial is quite succinct in the small print. It could just be that the full edit of the casino advert was not posted to YouTube.

Dice London Create NetBet Casino Commercial

Dice London, a digital marketing agency, were given the spec for the job and according to the clip posted on YouTube, had it shot, edited, dubbed, graded and cleared for broadcast within 48 hours.

Twitter Responds

The question is, is it too near the mark or is the commercial likely to insight complaints to the ASA?

We popped along to Twitter to check out what sort of feedback the commercial from NetBet was receiving. It’s not great to be honest.

Below are just a handful of tweets over the last couple of weeks:

@CasinoNetbet #netbet #advert makes me wanna vomit. What a dumb and awkward ad to watch.

Wtf ‘NetBet’ advert 😅. Lady was screaming ‘Yes’ & that got my dad asking me awkward ?’s from upstairs 😅

Woah the netbet advert is a bit saucy isn’t it?

That Netbet advert is so annoying, especially when you’re watching tv with your family. Its so awkward. Delete it.

@CasinoNetbet It’s a rubbish bad taste rip off advert which makes you all look stupid. No-one likes it and you are fired. #netbet

That NetBet advert sounds just as bad as porn when you’re watching tv and people can hear your tv without seeing the advert 😂

We hadn’t even considered the implications that the last tweet throws up. Imagine watching TV in a hall of residence for example and the NetBet Casino comes on….