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Online Casinos Welcome Facial Recognition


1 May 2013

Online casinos look set to be among the online companies benefiting from new facial recognition software that will revolutionise the way log-ins take place.

One of the main concerns for players who choose to gamble online, is the security of their personal information and banking/credit card details. Although the majority of reputable online casino, bingo and sports-betting sites use high levels of data encryption, internet fraud and identity theft is still a risk.

This new facial recognition technology has been developed by a UK-based company called Facebanx. It has recently launched the facility that it hopes will be taken up by online gambling operators, such as Grosvenor and Ladbrokes Casino, as well as internet banking providers, e-wallet processors and insurance companies.

Rather than relying on the ‘old-fashioned’ method of requiring a person to enter log-in details, etc., the new technology will prompt the user to submit a live video recording, taken by webcam or smart-phone/tablet, during the creation of a new account. The video will then be analysed by the software to check it is a genuine video of a real person rather than a still image, prior to registering it in the Facebanx database. From then on, whenever the user tries to access their account online, the security system will compare the image of the person logging in against the one that is registered in the database to check that they match.