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Online Casinos Pull Slot That Gives Players Advantage


7 Mar 2019

All casino play is a gamble and whether you win or lose, the odds are tipped in favour of the operators, particularly on low skill-high luck games such as online slots. However, for one group of players that worked out quite differently as they realised they had the edge on an online slot recently.

Ocean Magic Online Slot

It all started on January 29th n New Jersey when a group of players discovered a loophole within the Ocean Magic Slot game and exploited it. The loophole was found within the wild bubbles aspect of the slot and the players discovered that if you started the round with the wild bubbles in certain positions, you could gain and edge on the operator.

It took a whole week for New Jersey casino operators to spot the glitch and pull the game, but not before wins totalling almost $900,000 had been accrued.

It’s all in the Math

This wasn’t just a random discovery, this group of friends went to a lot of trouble to beat the slot and get an advantage, hiring an actuary to do the math. The results suggested that in certain situations it was possible to get an edge of 126% on certain spins allowing them to exploit the machine.

The first win awarded after their system was implemented awarded the group $220,000. The group, keen to exploit the loophole before they were discovered, visited thirteen different online casinos, expanding their wins to $900,000. They were able to withdraw $400,000 of the winnings, but on February 2nd, the loophole came to light and casinos removed the slot.

While the friends say what they did was completely legal, it’s reported that casinos are making it difficult for them to receive their winnings, stalling on the withdrawal process.

The Ocean Magic Slot is no longer available to play.