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One Direction in Trouble Over Las Vegas Casino Spree


16 Feb 2013

One Direction members have admitted to getting told off for a wild week in Las Vegas where the spent time at casino tables.

Boy band One Direction are one of the biggest pop acts around at the moment, having found fame on the popular TV show the X Factor despite finishing in third place in the seventh series in 2010. Finding fame and fortune though didn’t prevent them getting reprimanded by their management team after a wild night out in a Las Vegas casino.

The group decided to celebrate their success by hitting the casino tables and having a flutter, though it appears that some members of the best-selling group were more disciplined than others. Neil Horan has said he stopped playing after winning £100 but that other members carried on gambling and got a big dressing down from their management.

Las Vegas casinos always seem to have more glitz and glamour attached to them than those in other less exotic sounding destinations. Of course Las Vegas is the gambling capital of America, and it seems One Direction weren’t immune to its charm. They paid a visit to the casino to celebrate coming of age and apparently enjoyed spending some money after working hard to earn it. In a relatively short time period the boy band have released 2 albums and sold more than 8 million albums and 14 million singles…so letting their collective hair down after all that hard work seems entirely understandable.