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October Release Date For Planet Of The Apes Slot


2 Oct 2017

October Release Date For Planet Of The Apes Slot

NetEnt have another new title ready for release and this ones going to be a hit with 20th Century Fox fans that love the Planet Of The Apes movies.

Unlike most video slots we see online now, this new game boasts an impressive ten reels instead of the more traditional five. It also has 40 paylines and two play areas.

The game encompasses two of the series, the Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and this is where the Dual feature of this video slot from NetEnt comes into play.

Planet Of The Apes Slot

Playing the game is like playing two slots at the same time. You get winning combinations on both the Rise side and the Dawn. This makes the winning potential pretty impressive.

Graphically, it’s what we have come to expect from NetEnt. It looks fantastic and you’ll find actual footage from the films play at various points during your gameplay.

The symbols on the reels are the usual playing cards and complemented by a variety of different characters and of course, apes, from the film. It has an authentic soundtrack and ticks all the boxes.

Trailer For Planet Of The Apes

You can see a trailer of the game in play by clicking the image below:

Bonus Features

There are a number of bonus features and as expected, it’s here that the big money spins are more prevalent.

Rise Bonus Feature

When the Rise Bonus symbol lands on reel one, any humans or apes on the reels one to five are converted into random cash bonuses.

This can create wins of as much as 79.5x your original stake.

Dawn Bonus Feature

With a bonus feature for the Rise side of the game, it’s only fair that there is one for the Dawn area too and this is triggered when the symbol appears on the last reel.

The apes and humans in this feature are then transformed to one particular human or ape but just on the Dawn side of the reels.

Dual Feature

This is triggered at random and when available, sees one symbol picked from each of the reels. You know when it is activated as the apes run across the bottom of the screen.

Each of the two sides has one big symbol spinning in the centre and this determines which is to be used on either side. Once revealed, the reels keep spinning with only these two landing. They transpose from one side to the other until all blank spaces are filled.

However, if a space is filled on the corresponding area, or no new symbols land on the reels, the round is over.

Rise Free Spins

When three or more Rise scatter symbols appear on the reels (Rise side) you will receive 10 free spins.

Wilds are collected during the free spins round and stored in the Wilds meter. On the last spin, all wilds are placed randomly in the play area.

Dawn Free Spins

Three of the Dawn scatter symbols are required to trigger the Dawn free spins and you get 15.

In this round there are three different meters. The multiplier, the wild and the free spins. Collect symbols and as the meters fill, you will earn the corresponding bonus. With a 5x multiplier you could win as much as 3000x your original stake.

The game is reported to be launching on 23rd October and it will be available at many of the best online casinos, including InterCasino.