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New Online Gambling Checks Come Into Force In May 2019


7 Feb 2019

Today the Gambling Commission have announced that on 7th May 2019, new rules will come into force that aim to make online gambling in the UK safer and fairer.

The new rules will mean that operators are required to check and verify the age and identity of a customer quicker than they do currently. At this point in time, operators have a 72-hour window in which to carry out the checks required to confirm a player’s age.

The changes that are to be implemented in May 2019 mean that operators will have to make the checks before a customer is able to deposit funds into their online account, or even gamble with the licensee (with either their own money or bonus funds).

Even Free Play No Go With New Online Gambling Checks

When the new rules come into force, even the free play options are going to become unavailable to end users until they have had their age verified.

Although the free-to-play versions of many of the online slots are not technically considered gambling, they should not be available to children and are often seen as a prelude to real money gambling.

No Hold Up On Withdrawals

How many times have you won at an online gambling site and then had to wait for verification checks on your ID documents in order to receive your winnings?

This delay will no longer happen when the changes are implemented because operators will, by law, had to have verified your name, address and date of birth before you can gamble at their site. This will be via the usual identity documents that you are asked for when you want to withdraw.

As well as this, should they require any other ID, it has to be requested promptly and they must have informed you of the types of documents and information that may be required and how you would have to send it.

Safer Gambling

As well as making things fairer for players, the new checks will ensure that those that try to gamble when self-excluded are identified and declined an account.

Additionally it will mean that operators can no longer demand that customers provide ID as a condition of withdrawing money from their account.

For the full article is on the UK Gambling Commission.