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New Jersey Man Scoops $194,000 on First Slot Spin

A New Jersey man has scooped almost $200,000 on his very first slots spin after signing up to an online casino because 'he was bored'


20 Apr 2018

It was only a few months ago we brought you the news that the ban on online gambling in the US may be coming to an end, as state by state officials are creating their own laws allowing people to play online.

New Account

Anibal Lopes of Woodbridge, NJ was bored last week and so signed up for an online casino. He’s played sporadically since online gambling became legal in the state, but he’s never won big. This time he signed up on his smartphone and headed to play the Divine Fortune Slot, winning the Mega Jackpot on his very first spin!

He’d signed up to the Sugar House online casino, which is affiliated with the bricks and mortar casino of the same name, but the Divine Fortune is a well known NetEnt game and can be accessed from a raft of online casino.

Big Win

Lopes collects a massive $194,000 from the casino after the win, which was the Mega Jackpot on the game. He intends to spend his winnings to pay some bills off, repair his house and save some money for his 6-year-old son. We think he’s probably glad he got bored and decided to try out some mobile slots, and he certainly won’t have to worry about money for a while.

State by state, America is taking back its strict online gaming laws, changing the gaming market and opening up a whole new audience.

Online gambling has been legal in New Jersey since 2013, and Lopes says he signed up and played back then, but hasn’t played since.