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New Casino.com Advert Launched


22 Jul 2017

When it comes to a domain for an online casino, you can’t really do better than Casino.com. Sadly, whilst the brand has done really well with it’s domain, the same cannot be said for their most recent television commercial.

It was earlier in the week that we stumbled upon the new Casino.com advert and after watching it, we weren’t excited enough to sign up to play.

For us at least, this is an indication that the marketing agency completely missed the mark in getting a player connection, or even in making the viewer want to watch.

Dull As Dishwater Marketing From Casino.com

When all is said and done though, any TV advertising will attract new players so it won’t have been a complete failure.

However, the commercial does not do the brand justice at all.

It starts with the logo and as the graphics begin, so does the voiceover and in 30 seconds, she says all of the following:

One thing unites us, the players at Casino.com, from all walks of life; colours, sexualities, we meet at Casino.com with one objective, to be thrilled. To see where the next moment could take us.

This is a world of cards waiting to be dealt, slots waiting to spin. Here at Casino.com anything is possible.

We are ready to play, are you?

Whilst she is chatting there are people dancing in the background, others dressed in a variety of outfits and there is even a cameo appearance of a croupier.

It’s not even like the commercial is colourful; it has sepia tones and looks dull and lifeless when they were clearly aiming for colourful and exciting.

Another point that stood out was how they mentioned sexuality. Since when has this been a selling point for any online casino? We’ve never seen a request for sexual orientation in a registration form!

Also, whilst there is small print on screen telling of the T&C’s of the welcome offer, the commercial doesn’t actually state what it is! It merely tells us of the wagering requirements and that the free spins and bonus wagering are for Age of Gods games only.

The Advert From Casino.com

What do you think of the commercial? To view it, if you haven’t seen it online already, click the image below: