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NetBet Underfire From The ASA TWICE


7 Oct 2016

Every week the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) publish their rulings on various online and offline marketing campaigns following complaints by viewers/readers.

Over recent weeks we have seen a number of sports betting and casino brands have their wrists slapped by the ASA. On 28th September 2016 there were no less than FOUR rulings about various adverts.

Of the four rulings, three were upheld; two were against Cosmo Gaming Limited T/A NetBet and one against Ladbrokes. The Stan James complaint was not upheld.

NetBet And The ASA

The first complaint referenced a NetBet tweet in May 2016 that advertised a moneyback bet on Atletico Madrid to win at 11/1.

The complainant understood that a losing bet would result in a refund and claimed the ‘moneyback if you lose’ part of the tweet was misleading.

The issue was around the T&C’s of the promotion, namely that the maximum that would be refunded was £5 and that this would be given in bonus funds.

Despite there being room to include the amount of the maximum refund on the tweet, it was omitted.

The ASA upheld the complaint.

The second complaint was in reference to a NetBet casino advert that was seen in July 2016. The advert featured a few people carrying out every day task using the NetBet mobile app.

All of the various scenes were prefaced with an image of a slot machine showing the winning symbols 777 and the words JACKPOT.

Here is the commercial but please note, it may be removed from YouTube following the ruling from the ASA

The complainant challenged if it glamorised gambling by suggesting  that it had enhanced the standard of living for those in the commercial.

Even without reading the ruling, it was clear from watching the commercial that the complaint was justified and that it was to be upheld.

You can read the full response from NetBet and the ruling here.

The Ladbrokes and Stan James rulings can be found on the ASA website, here.