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Net Ent Hit with Swedish Tax Bill


10 Jan 2013

Net Entertainment is not the happiest company in the industry at the moment, as the Swedish tax authorities have billed them with a super high tax fee.

The company is Sweden’s most popular and successful online gaming software company and one of the most successful in the world, so this high tax bill comes as a bit of a blow.

Representatives for the company are not resting on their laurels, as they have vowed to fight the bill, said to be worth 92.1 million Swedish Krona (approximately £8.72 million). The Tax authorities handed them the bill, after completing an audit of the company’s taxable income from 2007 until 2010 and they had told Net Ent in advance, that it wouldn’t exceed 88.1 million Swedish Krona. However, they have since admitted an error, therefore the amount has been increased and the company are less than pleased with the results.

The group has released a statement regarding the bill, highlighting they dispute the amount and are planning to fight against it. They are consulting experts to work with them on their appeal. Of course everyone has to pay their taxes and the Swedish software company are more than willing to do so, but they want to ensure the amount they are paying is fair and correct.